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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 25, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> to adults and two children under the age of eight were on that ship. resources from across the northern california area will be put out there. 65 mi. west of pillar point it is near your boy not island and san francisco. if we get any new information we will pass along. >> thank you jackie, we will
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stay in touch. >> an oakland couple bicycling through south america have been missing for a month. 27 year-old jamie neal and 25 year-old garrett to hand were mislast seen in lima perot back on january 26th. the couple for argentina and chile and peru began back in november and is documented in post on the facebook pages. friends and family became worried after post out on january 25th. the u.s. state department and u.s. embassy in lima are searching for the compacouple.
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>> alice smith's time with the 49ers of is becoming too close. trade rumors have been swirling around the former starting quarterback. of reports from the nfl that, and alex smith instead of the kansas city chiefs. at this point nearsighted confirming or denying the move our but some reports say that the trade is all but done. no indication of the 49ers might receive in return. >> right now we are at the height of the morning commute and you can see all lot of activity going on in the past hour. what will happen, if they do not reach a deal by this friday they will lose $85 billion. that will force the federal government to do many things including forcing psa employees to have a furlough
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day. it means at longer lives of the checkpoints and basically what they need to do is they will stagger things further out. they will not land as often or quickly and they will take off and you will wait longer at the gates. we got a chance to talk to one traveler this morning, he believes less is more. >> i think this is great. this is the first cut to and government spending in a long time, they do not have to cut c.s. a dense they're doing at to make this public miserable. if we had 200 bombers they're going to cut part 2% and it is just preposterous. >> if they do not reach a
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deal by this friday, it does not going to affect immediately it will go into effect in april. we will get more reaction through out the morning. >> we'll take a quick break, it is 6068 am in a live look outside at mt. tam. beautiful looking shot, a pretty nice looking sun rise in the making. back with more news in a moment. you can't move the tv there.
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>> welcome back afghanistan's president how meehamid karzai is ordering all u.s. special forces to leave afghanistan's war docwardak province within the next two weeks. after some u.s. soldiers that were there were found of tortured reading killed innocent people. of special forces operations were to cease immediately in the province next to a couplkabul, which is t
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viewed as a gateway to the capital and has been the focus of counter insurgency efforts in recent years. the u.s. says it is investigating the allegations. >>th korea has its first female president. park goo- hay took office today, continuing our warnings against north korea, which tested a nuclear device two weeks ago. bart is the daughter of former south korean general and dictator parkchung-hee hee
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>> 6:15 a.m. and winter weary residents and the great plains are dealing with yet another storm this week. more than 200 flights have been canceled at denver airport. >> you can see some the snow on the ground there. this storm is now pushing off towards the east, new video coming in from the texas panhandle showing snow coming in there. it is the second major storm to hit the west central plains and some areas could see up to a foot of snow. kansas gov. sam brownback as amended the state of emergency declaration he signed last
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week ever there's a snowstorm the left of 18 in. of snow in some areas. >> this is a dynamic and cold system. also indicates the snow and the yellow greens and reds is a pretty wet storm system dropping quite a bit of wet storm in parts of the oklahoma area. a lots of snow expected for lots of the plains and midwest. 12 to 18 in. of snow possible by later on tonight. lizard warning also an effect. -- blizzar clear skies to the morning, chilly start. a pleasant day and this evening mostly clear under light winds. temperatures right our colder and the north bay. 36 and about, 36
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santa rosa, downtown san francisco 45. 41 redwood city, livermore mid 30's concord 37, vallejo 33. satellite and radar show no greens on those showers or wet weather for the immediate bay area. eureka and points north at a storm there and acting parts of washington and oregon. clouds on the southern end of this system so we may get just a few high clouds out of it later today. it could keep temperatures a little cooler today compared to yesterday's. at them, and the heart of the bay '50s and '60s for the livermore valley. by 2:00 widespread 60s, a very comfortable day.
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8:00 tonight it will cool down into the fifties under light winds and clear skies. mid-60s campbell, 62 sunnyvale, palo alto mid- 60s, millipede is near mid- 60s. walnut creek will get to around 65 degrees. pleasanton danville concord around 64, and the north lower mid-60s runabout. downtown san francisco's low 60s, berkeley oakland lower 60s for the east bay. 7 day around the bay lots of sunshine for the seven day forecast. maybe some patchy morning fog tomorrow, friday and saturday it lower '70s. it will feel really nice and springlike. 6:18 a.m. and here's erica with traffic.
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>> the backup to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the meeting sites are active but is really slow down your ride. using fasttrack as morning. as a 80 over crossing, a little awake here for the nimitz freeway approach. better speeds of the anne klein and cars the upper deck. though the 30 minutes from the foot of the maze t. southbound 1 01 is still relatively quiet coming out of the more space. the east shore freeway, die from heart hercules to berkeley coming in at only 12 minutes. we're still pretty quiet in the south bay with a lot of grain on the roadways sensors.
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>> obama please is still looking for the person assigned ac transit bus over the weekend. you can't move the tv there.
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>> this morning nascar officials are now talking about the details behind saturday's crash on the final lap of the daytona speedway. the cars are traveling at speeds of about 175 mi. per hour jockeying for positions on the got tangled up in the debris into the crowd injuring 33 people. officials explained how tire manage to get that passed a fence and into the crowd. >> we learned there was a
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tire is giving from the car so we implemented tethers, we have to take another look and see if this is the best practice or see if there something else we can deal. >> the crash was a setback of the day, there were no fatalities. >> and the ouster goes to argo. congratulations. >> a surprise there for those in attendance and at a home basel obama and of the best picture which went to a argo. --lle obama. it was an especially sweet victory for been athletiben affo
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wasn't even nominated for directing the i iranian hostage a thriller. other winners the night, ang lee who got the oscar for the best director for life of hipi. jennifer lawrence won for best actress in silver linings playbook and daniel day lewis won best actor fort lincoln. the supporting acting prizes went to aanne hathaway for labor as a routr les miserables and
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>> pope benedictus 16 this change the rules of the conclave that will lead to as a censor, allowing cardinals to move up the start date all of them arrived in rome before the usual 15 date transition between pontificates. but that it signed a legal document, issued this morning with some line by line changes to the 1996 vatican law governing the election of a new pope. it is one of his last acts as pope before resigning thursday. the date of the conclave start is important
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because of holy week begins march 24th, with easter sunday march 31st. and ordered have any public place he would need to be installed by sunday march 17th, a tight timeframe of the conclave were to start march 15th. >> here is weather and traffic with anny hong. >> we are waking up to clear skies out there but a chilly start your morning. otherwise, a pleasant day is in store for us. don't forget your sunglasses as you are headed out the door. it may be breezy at times but some are once again plenty of sun. we're looking at a warming trend, a couple '70s on the map. >> a live look outside the
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conditions in downtown san jose. we are seeing some bright lights but pretty much an easy ride over all. lots of grain on the runway sensors and the right time 25 minutes from nevado. >> our developing story is a search for for people to adults and two children who went missing off of have monday. the last time i communicated this said there boat was sinking. authorities say the ball was about 65 mi. off of pillar point harbor and a half moon bay when they call for help yesterday afternoon. have there lampert with the coast guard is joining us this morning. >> at this time we have a little bit of an update from
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the station. there were 65 mi. west of pillar point. is a wife a has been a four year-old son and his cousin but we are unsure of the aids. > age. and what you are breaking up a bit but we can't tell that you are searching this morning but can you tell us where they are from? >> we do not have that information. >> so we do not know if they are local, bay area or not? >> correct >> are they experienced sailors? it is a 29 ft. boat which is small for being this far out. >> we do not have that information either. the made
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a call (sound breaking up) that i am not sur-- >> we will continue to follow this story, please give us the latest as you get them. we did learn more about the four people missing about 65 mi. off of pillar point. it was a mother and father a four year-old son and a cousin. >> falling gas prices, the
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continued to climb and the average u.s. price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 20¢ over the past two weeks. the national average is sitting at $3.70 for regular ticket gas well as the average is at $4.23 this morning. in the bay area, at san francisco $4.24, oakland $4.16, san jose $4.17. >> president obama says a little compromise is all congress needs to turn off automatic, across-the-board budget cuts that ticket and less than a week from now. while obama says the so- called sequester was slow the economy and hurt middle- class, many republicans are calling the issue of rubble and leadership. >> i will not put all the blame on the president of the united states. president it should be calling us over
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to sit us down and try to avert these cuts. >> the force budget cuts could have a wide reaching a fact. 2.1 million federal workers could face furloughs. unemployment benefits, and food safety programs are on many things i would also take a hit. if the budget cuts go through, it could cost california billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. lawmakers estimate that the cuts could cost the state more than 225,000 current and future jobs at about 60$670 million annually in federal grants. military defense revenue will be slashed and school and university programs also seek cuts in research and student aid programs. >> arrest arrive at an fire
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in the tenderloin district since residents gramley out of their apartments over the weekend. the fast-moving fire moved quickly up several floors and bird its way through a mixed use the building on the golden state and larkin street on saturday. the smoke was a major problem for residents trying to get out of the building. it took about an hour for firefighters to contain the to alarm blaze. no injuries were reported and all the residents made out safely. another fire on haight street over the weekend has left many residents without a home. the alarm fire broke out billy on haight street bears by her early yesterday morning. the red cross as seven units of 17 people were affected, some by water and smoke damage. >> police exam and are asking for the public's help in reducing residential burglaries. authorities say an arrest a reason as a
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>> welcome back in the child just getting underway in new orleans. barring an 11th- hour settlement, the court will hear several of hours of opening statements today by lawyers for the company's involvement 2010 spill and the government and private plaintiffs to sue them. the judge, not a jury would
6:44 am
decide how much more money is owed by b.p. and its partners on the ill-fated really private. bp said it is are a wreck that more than 24 billion and still related expenses and has estimated it will pay a total 42 billion to fully resolve its liability for the disaster. >> here is an image that you never seen before. here is mercury courtesy of nasa and john hopkins university. the applied physics of our releases fall's color image of the planet closest to the sun. this isn't what mercury would look like to the naked eye. instead, as astronomers say it illustrates the many different chemicals and minerals that make up the scorching hot planet. >> 6428 am and a program reminder coming up on dr. phil. he sheds light on
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simi valley, calif. of a community known for the safest city in america or residents are now fighting a heroin epidemic and that they say is crippling the town's youth. today, dr. phil tries to help families with drug addicted children. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> we were just talking about japan. they're trying to make the in a really cheap --yen >> when you make your currency cheap, you are helping to export out of the country. we will continue to create stimulus. easy money is not going away anytime
6:49 am
soon and that should help the market. >> the better reserve the same there are noticed that were coming out. basically that focuforces everyone to buy stocks. >> that keeps the economic blow. did you go elsewhere, go for bonds or the stock market. money markets are 1 to 2%. >> one investment baking firm says they should slip of microsoft into two co., one that says software one that says hardware. >> brokerage firms are into it. they do this. we talked about companies making calls
6:50 am
for capitals. i would like to see acts bikes stand on its own. does it call for it? note. h-p halt microsoft's got where you charging that much of for windows when google is offering it for free? it does not make sense. >> on friday there were some rumors that h-p could break up. the ceos said they are saying as a unit. >> the dow is benefiting. i would never have predicted it at the start of the year. >> we will check back with rob black at 915 for winners
6:51 am
and losers. >> lots of sunshine is in the forecast today. it will be clear out there, a chilly conditions and it may be breezy at times as after them. quiet weather, plenty of sun for several days. we have a warming trend and will stay dry through tomorrow and into the weekend. 46 downtown, 46 redwood city, of 30's san jose. cold for you. also: a lot of right and the freezing mark 32 degrees, 36 napa, 37 pleasanton. satellite and radar is showing no showers or wet weather had our way. there
6:52 am
is some to the north of us in oregon. it looks like all of this is staying well north of us. we may get a few clouds as we get to the end of that system. at noon, the heart of the bay '50s, grain indicating 60s in the north bay. by 2:00, a lot of us will see widespread 60s for the late afternoon. by 8:00 tonight we will cool down into the 50s and clear skies. highs for today ques63 san jose, 60 hayward, 62 san leandro, pleasanton and 65. at the north bay 62 from about up, 60 downtown san
6:53 am
francisco, 62 oakland, 57 daly city. 7 day around the bay forecast shows lots of sunshine and a seven day. mild conditions continue through thursday. friday and saturday, lower '70s. 6:51 a.m. and here is erica. >> we are keeping a close eye on the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is barely moving up coming across the east or freeway. meeting highlights are active, very great out there. it is not impacting visibility. a couple of of sections, westbound 80 and severed cisco at seventh street, 1 01 northbound right around mission. they should be clear so it should not back up your ride
6:54 am
getting into san francisco. the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving pretty well. no slowdowns for foster city. northbound 1 01 starts to slow approaching highway 87. yellow indicates speeds are around 38 mi. an hour. no incidents approaching 85 towards cupertino. >> thanks for waking up with the kron4 morning news, a live look outside the golden gate bridge. things did not look all that golden, but the commute is good. we will be right back.
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>> we're back at 6:55. >> at&t's core of it went over while rising as general motors takes over on star service. at&t will now be taking over the contract beginning with all 2015 model year cars for gm. the news comes as telephone companies are jostling try to come up with new ways of expanding their market. everyone has a cell phone. they have to think more creatively. at&t will connect on star cars to its new network which will supply much higher data speeds the the current on star connections. that means that gm could deliver car saw where wirelessly among other things. >> the fire fox web browser is getting to phones. lodging iphone operating
6:59 am
system. it will land in a crowded live alongside apples i l s and google android. >> together the two account for 91 for some of smart strong sales. 13 phone companies around the world have committed to supporting fire fox phones including sprint nextel in the united states. >> the city of aleppo has made a list it would just as soon avoid. forbes magazine ranking it among the 10 most miserable in the nation. >> take a look. vallejo took the no. 6 spot as been the most miserable. detroit, michigan took the top spot. >> as a flint, michigan and rockford, ill. round of the top three. the magazine information is based on nine factors. >> and fleming,, and census data on violent crimes. >> will be back in a couple of minutes.


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